Seattle Seahawks – Richard Sherman Makes Fun of the NFL

Richard Sherman

There has never been a missed opportunity by Richard Sherman to speak his mind about anything. His latest rant, which comes in the form of a hilarious press conference, aided by Doug Baldwin? Pretty much against the NFL, hypocrisy, the fine Marshawn Lynch got and a few more things he got off his chest before leaving the podium, feeling quite pleased about himself.

Marshawn Lynch was fined this week $100,000 for not speaking to the media. Until there’s a player that’s simply focused on his game and playing, which should be setting an example for others, the NFL goes ahead and fines him for not talking. But the NFL doesn’t want role models. It wants people to promote brands. It wants players to avoid drinking and drugs while Budweiser beer, an alcoholic drink, is their biggest sponsor.

Sherman seems to be getting into high gear with the first game against the San Francisco 49ers coming up on this Thanksgiving Thursday. Sherman and the 49ers, specifically Michael Crabtree, haven’t played each other since the NFC championship game which led to the bizarre moment of Sherman ranting on television right after the game about how good of a receiver he is, which for some reason caused a lot more commotion than it should have.

So in his latest episode of feeling proud of his own humor, charm and wittiness, Sherman tackles the subject of product placement which the NFL wants its players to do while fines Lynch for not speaking to the media, the whole alcohol thing and the best subject of them all: Player safety. The Seahawks are playing two games with only three full day of rest, facing off against the 49ers. That’s nothing new, but having a Thursday game goes against any kind of player-safety logic

Sherman didn’t break any rules. He promoted brands, name dropping some through his lines. He didn’t do anything that’s actually wrong. But this is the NFL, with someone like Roger Goodell, who seems to be MIA, at least in image, since the whole Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson thing exploded in the league’s face. And in the NFL, no punishment is too far fetched. Everything and anything can be fined, especially for showing the league for the corrupt, hypocritical place it really is.

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