Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson Keeps Pulling Off Comebacks

Russell Wilson

Down by 21 points, the odds were stacked against the Seattle Seahawks. But this team is special considering how many times they’ve managed to come back from the brink of defeat this season, as Russell Wilson suddenly finds the poise and accuracy that go missing early on, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers find new ways each week to make things worse for themselves.

The Seahawks went down 0-21 at half time, but came away with the 27-24 win in overtime, pulling off a big defensive stop in overtime before driving 52 yards up the field, setting up a Steven Hauschka to improve their record to 8-1 this season, with quite a few lucky breaks along the way.

But it can’t be lock when it keeps happening. Despite the two interceptions thrown by Wilson and the huge pressure he was under for most of the game, the second-year quarterback keeps finding ways to win. He threw two touchdown passes in the second half, including the game tying to score to Doug Baldwin with less than two minutes left in the game. The Bucs didn’t turn the ball over once and got 205 yards from the running game. Sometimes, football is about more than numbers, and simply about the timing in which you make your big plays.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Wilson was once again harassed for the entire game, being the quarterback who has been put under pressure more than anyone this season. He still threw his two touchdown passes when put under duress. The Bucs actually increased the extra pressure on him during the second half, but Wilson responded with 9-of-11 and 13.5 yards per attempt against five or more pass rushers.

Maybe it comes down to coaching and creativity. Marshawn Lynch ran for 125 yards on 21 carries, and the Seahawks never lost sight of what’s working for them or changing their gameplan just because the “rulebook” says so. The Bucs were completely different. The Seahawks were unable to stop them for most of the game, as Mike James gained 158 yards on 28 carries. Tampa gained 172 yards on 31 designed rushes, but on their last 16 plays had only four designed running calls. Mike Glennon didn’t turn the ball over, but it was quite clear the Bucs had the Seahawks cornered when they were running the ball. Seattle have allowed more than 200 rushing yards in two consecutive games, and yet Greg Schiano forgot about what’s working.

So the Seahawks become just the second team this season with a -3 turnover margin, improving the overall record to 2-19 this season for teams turning the ball over so much compared to their rival.

Wilson proved that he’s a great quarterback, especially when it matters the most: He was 15 of 18 passing in the second half and overtime, including running for a touchdown in the third quarter, sparking the 20-0 finish by the Seahawks.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is, what adversity we face, we’re going to come out on top. That was a huge win. You think about the deficit we were under and to be able to comeback in that fashion … that’s big time.

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