Seiko Announces Exclusive Novak Djokovic Solar GPS Watch

Novak Djokovic Limited Edition Astron GPS Solar watch

Seiko has unveiled a 2020 limited edition Astron GPS Solar watch in honor of Novak Djokovic. The Japanese watch giant partnered with Novak way back in 2014 but has now launched the Novak Djokovic Limited Edition Astron GPS Solar watch. Each of these watches come with Novak’s signature at the back, and a serial number which authenticates the limited nature of this timepiece. Here are some of the previous watches available to purchase on amazon.

Novak Djokovic Limited Edition Astron GPS 2020 Solar watch is just perfect

Novak Djokovic Limited Edition Astron GPS Solar watch

The release coincides with Djokovic’s winning spree at the Wimbledon, the Australian Open and a famous tournament in Japan. Consequently, the Seiko has launched this beautiful timepiece inspired by the Serbian and Japanese flags. Both these countries’ flags share red and white, while blue is unique to Serbia and the dial’s color reflects just that. A red outline flanks the blue ceramic bezel, adding nuance and glamour. 

The watch connects to the GPS network two times every day and maintains a level of precision unseen in previous models. It runs on the famous GPS Solar Caliber 5X53 Dual-Time technology. This means, the watch automatically updates Daylights Saving Time. 1,500 pieces of these watches will be launched, and each one will cost $2,600. It makes for a great gift for anyone who loves watches, and tennis. If the receiver is a fan of Novak Djokovic, things couldn’t get better than that.

Some unique features of the limited edition Novak Djokovic Seiko watch

Novak Djokovic Limited Edition Astron GPS Solar watch
  • The stainless bracelet gives a very sporty and masculine appearance to the watch
  • The watch is flanked by a dual-curved Sapphire crystal
  • Though it is water-resistant, it makes sense to protect it from unnecessary exposure as it is a limited edition watch
  • An additional silicone strap ensures that the watch’s bracelet remains shiny and new for decades

The perfect family heirloom to pass on

Novak Djokovic Limited Edition Astron GPS Solar watch

Novak Djokovic is a role model for thousands of youngsters around the world. The watch is a great gift to anyone who is looking for an heirloom that reminds them of their favorite role model. It symbolizes today’s generation’s tenacity and hard-working nature. This jewel-like watch makes for a great investment, and owners can pass it down to generations in the future.