Sergio Aguero and Maybe a New Sensation

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Is Sergio Aguero the man to make Manchester City an exciting team? At 38 million pounds, he better be. Leaving jokes aside, Aguero’s fantastic 30 minutes yesterday – two goals and one creative assist to David Villa, capping off a whopping 4-0 thrashing of Swansea leaves the taste buds in mouths of City fans hungry for more.

Lets begin with the bad. Despite Aguero’s more than impressive debut, City are depressing team most of the time. Stopping David Silva means no creativity whatsoever on Roberto Mancini’s side, and Edin Dzeko’s opening goal doesn’t mean that the very expensive striker (who I’m very fond of) is returning to his goal machine form like in his Wolfsburg days, not too long ago.

The defense wasn’t tested against Swansea. When it was, against Manchester United, it failed to stop the flood and deny United’s comeback and win. Roberto Mancini loves buying forwards and strikers, maybe too much. Still, there isn’t enough flair and that attacking urgency on his side. That is, until Sergio Aguero entered, electryfying the pitch and the stands.

Swansea were nothing short of panicked during their Premier League debut. They failed to cover Yaya Toure and David Silva, and just couldn’t cope with the pace and the intensity upgrade that the Premier League has to offer to unprepared Championship sides, newly promoted.

But we’re about Aguero. With 95 goals for Atletico Madrid during the last 4 seasons and 13 for the Argentina national team, everyone knows the 23 year old can score. Latin debuts in the Premier League are always questionable, before they happen. The difference in pace and physcality from other leagues can leave player in the dust. The obvious technique and dribbling superiority aren’t always enough. But Aguero is more than just a few dazzling tricks.

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Waiting for a huge breakthrough that will put him besides players like Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and also a financial upgrade, Sergio Aguero’s arrival to Manchester City might be the stepping stone needed for the less successful side, always in the shade of the red sister, slowly stealing more and more spotlight from United, to win a title. I’d still pick Manchester United to win the Premier League title this season, but after the Aguero show last night, the promise of a different, much more enjoying to watch, course, for Manchester City’s season, seems more and more likely.