Sergio Aguero and Manchester City on Verge of Taking the Next Step

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    Sergio Aguero is more than just a very good player, accomplished, as much as it’s possible to be with Atletico Madrid. A Europa League title, Champions League experience and a stat sheet showing Aguero has 102 goals and 37 assists in 234 matches for Atletico since joining them in 2006. Now he has become one of the most expensive transfers of all time, joining City for something around 35 million pounds.

    The Manchester City big money era began with Robinho, but we was pretty much the only world class star to arrive at the less successful Manchester side. Tons of cash, pounds, coins and bank notes have been spent, but a player, an attacking player of Aguero’s caliber is a first. Not only that – he has been linked to quite a few big clubs around Europe – Real Madrid, but that was vetoed by Atletico as something that won’t happen. Chelsea, Juventus and other clubs making less public approaches were in for the 23 year old Argentine. The City money, and finally fulfilled promise of a Champions League season did the job.

    I don’t think anything but a title will be enough for Roberto Mancini to keep his job this year. Beginning his second full (hopefuly, that is) season with Manchester City, the former Inter head coach needs to make City champions, something that hasn’t been done since 1968. Last year winning the FA Cup was a nice start, but far from enough or satisfactory. The foundation to become a household name around Europe, a constant challenger for titles, a mega club, quite similar to the way Chelsea advanced since Roman Abramovich got his golden hands on the West London club, has been set and upgraded quite extensively. Sergio Aguero should be the final piece.

    There’s always that fear when someone comes from Spain to the Premier League. The difference in style, the pace, the aggression. Can Aguero handle it? David Silva, another fragile player from the La Liga did OK in his debut season for City, but I think more was expected. The expectations from Aguero to deliver and succeed are ever higher. The patience meter? Pretty low. Much lower than what Mario Balotelli or Edin Dzeko are receiving despite showing practically zilch since arriving from Inter and Wolfsburg.

    Replacing Tevez is another thing. Tevez was more than just the top scorer. He was a leader and the best player. His passion for the game and drive on the field seemed like the only thing pushing City during plenty of dull moments and matches last season. Can Aguero bring the same kind of motivation and spark, spreading it around him? Quality alone is far from enough. Continuity with tweaks, correct decisions, not necessarily expensive ones, as Alex Ferguson tends to prove, go further plenty of times than plain spending on big names.

    Maybe this time it will. City aren’t the only ones in this. Liverpool have been quite busy since the middle of last year, since the new American owners took over. There are quite a few fans around the world drooling over the chance to see how good Luis Suarez can be. United are, well, United. Chelsea have been quite lazy in the transfer market so far and I don’t see Arsenal doing anything while Wenger hangs on to his throne. It’s time for City to take the next step, and I’ve got a feeling that Sergio Aguero is the man to help them.