Juventus and Predicting in the Serie A

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Back on top, but not impressing. Alessandro Matri is back, and scoring goals quite freely. Is he the best Italian striker out there? Better than Giueseppe Rossi, out there at struggling Villareal? Is he the man to lead Juventus into a new age of glory and prosperity, with Antonio Conte to guide him and the hungry for success club?

The Serie A is a hard league to read. Even when Inter and Milan mess up, you’re pretty sure their rise is imminent. Milan proved that against Lecce, and I’m pretty sure Lazio and Udinese won’t be with us till the very end. Inter will wake up, but too late, like last year. Roma are going through a painful transitional period, which might be abruptly stopped if Luis Enrique is sacked.

Napoli? The are the most enjoyable side to watch this year, but have won only three of their seven matches. Finding out that the Champions League isn’t helping your league cause, especially when you’re new to the experience, does cause some point drop. And above all, it seems, are Juventus. Not too flashy, with tons of problems in defense, but enough depth up front, a Wonderful Andre Pirlo as long as he’s healthy and this dire need and enthusiasm that seems to push them through so far.

The road to returning the Serie A to greatness is league depth and the dominance of Juventus and AC Milan. It’s hard to predict who this season will end, but we seem to be on the right track.