Serving Techniques (Infographic)

Although we’re heading towards the US Open, despite the fact this has nothing to do with the two best players in the world, maybe the best three, I really liked this infographic I found yesterday. Serving technique has always been intruiguing to me, a semi-amateur player, one of the top 5 players in my street. I try to serve like a 6’7 player, while my height is more something like 5’11. Too bad I never actually learned to play.

So who has the best serve? I guess it’s how you prefer you dish served. Power, without any movement? It’d be John Isner, or Ivo Karlovic. Two giants – no leg motion what so ever, or hardly at all. Karlovic always looks like he’s swatting a fly. Isner is probably, along with Raonic, the hardest hitting server on the tour right now. Raonic, also not a small guy, does have some rotation work going for him when he serves. I put my money on him to become the fastest server alive pretty soon.

Andy Roddick has that leg work of his that no one else does. No one else produces such power from his legs as well. But there’s nothing like a Federer serve. Nothing like Roger Federer playing tennis. The same toss every time, the spin, the accuracy. He can also punch with power when needed, although it gets rarer and rarer as he grows older and older.

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