Sidney Crosby Adds Puck to the Face to His Injury List

Sidney Crosby may be the most talented Hockey player on the planet, but he also has his share of fragility mixed up with bad luck. He’s missed quite a few NHL games for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the last two seasons, and fortunaley, getting a puck hit him in the face won’t be cause for more time away from the ice.

Crosby clocked only 41 games last season, missing the postseason as well due to consecutive hits to the head mid season. He missed 20 more games this year in the beginning of the season and after his return experienced more concussion like symptoms after an elbow to the head. Bad luck, or actually players constantly targeting him?

It had to be bad luck when the Penguins (4th in the East) played the New York Islanders, one of the worst teams in the Eastern conference. Early in the second period Islanders defender Dylan Reese tried to clear the puck, which made it all the way to Crosby’s face.

Sidney was taken off the ice with a towel to his face to stop the blood, but returned to the game soon after. That didn’t stop the Penguins from losing, putting 5 points behind the New York Rangers, chasing the number one spot in the Eastern Conference.