Sink a Three – Fan Tribute to Stephen Curry, Spoofing ‘Let it Be’ by The Beatles

How does one show his love for his favorite player? Write a song about him. Stephen Curry is everything the Golden State Warriors were hoping for, hence this sweet result called ‘sink a three’, which riffs on the music of ‘Let it Be’ by The Beatles, a song you’ve probably heard once or a million times in your life.

Curry is on pace to break the record for 3-pointers in a single postseason. He’s already broken the record for 3-pointers in a regular season, and then broke it again this season, taking the top two spots. Curry is a lot more than just 3-point shooting, but if there’s one thing that pops up when thinking about Curry, it’s a dagger from beyond the arc.

Curry just so happens to be the 2015 regular season MVP. For his and his fans sake, lets hope he doesn’t put himself in the infamous club of MVPs who are without an NBA title, joining recent inductees like Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant.

Stephen Curry 3-pointer

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