Six Year Old Kid With the Unassisted Triple Play

The Unassisted Triple Play is one of the rarest things in baseball. It has happened only 15 times since 1909, and during a certain stretch, between 1927 and 1992, it occurred only once, performed by Ron Hansen in 1968. It’s pretty much up there with four home runs in one game or a perfect pitching game.

It’s not just about skill, it’s about luck as well. You need three players to take out. You need to record an out and you need guys to be going at bases right were you’re positioned. Again, doesn’t happen too often. Last player to do it is Eric Bruntlett of the Phillies in 2009. It has happened five times sine 2000, always involving a caught line drive, touching second and tagging a runner.

So when a six year old kid does it while playing little league baseball, it’s a cause for celebration, or at least making it into a media sensation. This one didn’t involve second base but actually third. The kid, Ross, caught the ball, tagged third while the kid who was running for home was called back and tagged the runner coming in from second. The smugness in which ‘Triple Play’ was called in the end makes you wonder if this thing doesn’t happen more often in little league baseball.