Skywalker Basketball Trampoline on an Unbelievable Deal (Black Friday)

If you have the room for it in your backyard, nothing beats a trampoline, whether you have kids or not. And if you’re going to buy a trampoline, it’s hard to find something better right now than the Skywalker 15-feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline, which is on a very special and limited pre-Black Friday sale.

The highly rated trampoline that also comes with a hoop to play on is selling for only $249.99 instead of its original $349, but this Amazon deal does have a time limit that you shouldn’t allow to expire.

Skywalker Jump n Dunk Trampoline

For those who need a bit more explaining about the trampoline (I’m sure you know what a trampoline and basket are, right?), the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline isn’t just extremely fun, it’s extremely safe as well thanks to the reinforced t-bracket construction, which provides greater stability at each enclosure and joint. It doesn’t have any of those annoying and sometimes dangerous gaps thanks to the patented no-gap enclosure system, which attaches the net to the jump mat at each spring.

The enclosure net is made out of tightly woven polyethylene, which creates a very durable trampoline and provides UV protection other trampolines don’t. The jump mat is made out of heavy duty polypropylene in order to prevent the users from slipping, and is also UV protected. The basketball hoop and the ball are made out of soft material if anyone was worried, and it also has a breakaway velcro rim that makes sure there will be minimum impact and damage to the net and poles of the trampoline.

Skywalker Jump N' Dunk Trampoline

Sure, winter is coming, but a trampoline lasts more than one season. Some winter days are sunny enough to jump around in the yard all the same, and getting this deal now will ensure you create yourself a very fun spring and summer for a much more affordable price. There are other trampolines out there, but something as good as the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk trampoline at its current price? You won’t find anything like it.