So What Now, Jose Mourinho?

A 12 match ban, is that what Jose Mourinho will have to face due to his actions at the end of the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup? The ‘Special One’ lost his cool and eye poked Tito Vilanova, Barcelona’s assistant manager.

There are bigger things right now happening in Spain. The league didn’t start. The players are striking, money of course, and there were no La Liga matches on what was supposed to be the opening weekend. Be that as it may, part of the problem in Spain is the lack of equal ground, financial and in terms of publicity for the two big clubs and the rest. Jose Mourinho, and Real Madrid, create much more of a buzz than 18 other La Liga clubs.

Well Mourinho, the fragile and kind soul that he is, put out an apology on the Real Madrid website today. The apologize, of course, was only towards Madrid fans, not towards Vilanova.

I wish to apologize to Madridistas, and only to them, for my attitude in our last game. Only to them. Mourinho’s words and actions after the match drew criticism even from the stronger Real supporters in the press and among the fans. Behind the scenes, the big honchos of the club are close to fed up with his behavior. Don Quixote in his own eyes if you like. Only these windmills bite back. Back to Mourinho –

Some people are better adapted to the hypocrisy in football than I am, and they hide their faces and speak in whispers deep inside tunnels. Vague.

Iker Casillas spoke out after the match, blaming Cesc Fabregas of diving, exaggerating, leading up to Marcelo’s direct red card. The frustration blinds even the fairest of minds. Casillas retracted from that innuendo. Maybe media backlash, maybe thinking about how this progressing and escalating rivalry might hurt the Spanish national team, the defending European champions, less than a year before the tournament begins in Poland and the Ukraine.

The Spanish FA began its disciplinary proceedings against both teams today. Jose Mourinho can receive a ban of four to 12 matches for drawing first blood. Vilanova, for retaliating with a push, might get four matches as well.

And what of Mourinho’s future? The overall displease with his behavior and actions last Wednesday led to rumors circling regarding Mourinho’s desire to leave the club after realising he doesn’t have the support of Real officials. Mourinho cleared that up, saying the option of him leaving Real at this stage, was Impossible.