Soccer Fans do it Better

Image: Source

American sports fans vs the World? No chance. With all due respect to College Sports and their enthusiastic fans, soccer fans in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia are louder, more passionate and just look and sound better on video and live than any College Football or Basketball fans out there.

I read a cool post on Midwestsportsfans, showing VT fans jumping around during ‘Enter Sandman‘.  It also showed Badgers fans and Indiana basketball fans. Special? Not even close. Maybe its the flares, or maybe it’s the fact that there’s no need for music to get people going in soccer (real football, I mean) stadiums.

My favorite fans video of all time is of Besiktas fans in Turkey. This clip was filmed prior to a Champions League match against Liverpool, which Besiktas won. The atmosphere bursts through your screen, and I get chills every time I watch this video. The energy these fans create is absolutely incredible. A good, deep, Turkish voice doesn’t hurt either.

Pyrotechnics, meaning flares, is another fans giving soccer fans the edge. To watch the entire stadium look like it’s burning around you – terrifying, exciting, blood boiling or pumping. There’s no way you’re not fired up and ready to go when seeing something like this before you take the field.

There are about a million other examples on youtube and around the web. Just don’t got around saying College Fans are the best. Passion? Nothing stirs and brings out passion like football, real football.