Soccer Injuries and Tackles Gallery

We bring you a short gallery of tackles, hits and the injuries that follow from around the soccer world.

Soccer InjuryImage: Source

This is Djibril Cisee breaking his ankle playing for France.

Soccer InjuryImage: Source

This is Eduardo of Arsenal, a player very familiar with injuries, a second after he was tackled by Taylor from Birmingham.

Soccer Tackle and InjuryImage: Source

This is the before picture.

Soccer Injury and TackleImage: Source

And here’s Cisse again, this time wearing Liverpool colors, and breaking his ankle again against Blackburn.

Soccer Tackle and InjuryImage: Source

The guy holding his head is Andy Johnson. He isn’t injured, he’s just horrified with James Vaughan bloody boot. Vaughan got tackled by Meite of West Brom and severed and artery in his ankle.

Soccer Bloody InjuryImage: Source

Francesco Totti of Roma also gets his ankle twisted and borken.

Francesco Totti Broken AnkleImage: Source

And here’s there’s is no injury, just cool high flying in a Champions League match between Manchester United and AS Roma.

Manchester United AS Roma TackleImage: Source

And here’s Javier Mascherano tackling Frank Lampard in a Liverpool Chelsea match.

Frank Lampard and Javier MascheranoImage: Source