Why Soccer Sucks #2 – Spitting

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Well, spitting isn’t exclusive to soccer, but I do think this disgusting (habit?) way of trying to annoy opponents or trying to mess with them or whatever happens much more in soccer. I would like to see these guys, who probably think they’re very tough, mustering up the guts to spit in another player’s face, getting long suspensions after actions such as this. Or at least get the #$%^ kicked out of them. They deserve at least that.

This is from the Bundesliga game on Sunday, in which Bayern Munich beat Nurnberg 3-0. Javier Pinola of the losing side decided it’d be a good idea to spit at Bastian Schweinsteiger. Schweinsteiger should have decked him, gotten a red but feel good about himself for knocking out that piece of $#@^.

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