Jeremy Lin & Ryan Higa Make Space Jam 3 Look Completely Awesome

Jeremy Lin Space Jam 3

So what does a basketball player do during the long part of the offseason? Participate in some funny Youtube videos. At least that’s what Jeremy Lin does.

Space Jam 2 hasn’t come out yet, but Ryan Higa, who has the youtube channel nigahiga (over 17 million subscribers), came up with a good idea for Space Jam 3, which happens to have a very strong Anime theme, as opposed to the Looney Tunes starring in the original film.

The premise: After surprisingly retiring from the NBA, Jeremy Lin is keeping himself busy by watching Naruto and playing video games (he’s a big DOTA 2 fan), he gets sucked into the computer screen, and gets to train a bunch of Anime characters, about to play a game against the Anime All-Stars, basically the villains. The guys pulling him in were expecting Michael Jordan, but they got Jeremy Lin.

I won’t ruin everything else that goes on in a hilarious clip that runs for 6:45, with plenty of Anime references, and a lot of self referential humor from Lin, who was a great spot and was the butt of the joke a lot of the time.

While some players’ offseason highlights are about¬†showing off to the world that they’re richer than their fans will ever be by documenting their own rich-and-famous lives, Lin keeps himself busy by immersing himself even further in geek culture, and showing off his sense of humor and acting chops as well.

By the way, for those who follow soccer, Lin fake-retiring reminded me of Wendell Lira, a Brazilian player who won the Puskas award last season (goal of the year according to FIFA), and announced his retirement from the sport this week, now intending to establish a career as a FIFA Soccer player and Youtuber. In short, he prefers to star in video games (which he’s quite good at) then play soccer, which had him struggling with injuries in recent years.Wndell