When Sport Fans Attack

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    With the news of Jose Mourinho’s bodyguard stabbed by a man in the A Coruna airport last week, probably trying to make his way and get to the Real Madrid coach we go back to famous incidents when fans made their ways onto the playing field in an attempt to hurt players or referees.

    German Fan Stabbing Monica Seles

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    On April 1993, during a tournament in Hamburg, Germany, while playing a quarterfinal match against Magdalena Maleeva, Gunter Parche, an obsessed fan of Steffi Graf, ran into the court during a break and stabbed Monica Seles between her shoulder blades. Parche was never in prison and spent two years under probation and psychological treatment. Seles spent more than two years away from the Tennis courts. She won the 1996 Australian Open, less than a year after returning from the stabbing.

    Dida Hit by a Flare

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    During a Champions League clash between AC Milan and Inter Milan, Dida, AC Milan’s goalkeeper, was struck by a flare from the Inter stands. The game was later abandoned after the referee stopped the match, as Inter fans didn’t stop throwing flares to the pitch. That game also produced Peter‘s favorite soccer photo ever.

    Dida – Celtic Fan

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    Dida again – This time kind of the bad guy here, not entirely, but in a sport filled with divers and cheaters who get away with it, Dida came out looking pretty bad. A Celtic fan broke into the pitch after his team scored a 90th minute winner against AC Milan during a Champions League match. On his way to celebrate with the players, he tapped Dida on the shoulder. First Dida chased the fan, but after a few strides he collapsed as if he was struck, later carried off the field by a stretcher. UEFA suspended the Brazilian for two matches due to his un-sportsmanlike behavior.

    Danish Fan Attacking Referee Herbert Fandel

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    During a Euro 2008 qualifier between Denmark and Sweden, Ronni Norvig, a Dane living in Sweden, attacked Herbert Fandel, a German referee, after Fandel gave Sweden an 89th minute penalty and sent off a Danish player (Christian Poulsen) when the score was tied, 3-3. Denmark came back from 0-3 down after 26 minutes.

    Gaelic Football Fans Attacks Ref

    Referee Martin Sludden, despite TV replays showing otherwise, allowed an injury time goal by Meath’s Joe Sheridan, giving Meath a 1-10 1-12 win over Louth. From the Irish Press – “What will be most vividly remembered of the 2010 final was compressed into a minute at the very end of the match with Louth getting ready to celebrate a deserved win – first over their neighbours in 35 years – and a resilient display” & “hard to disagree” that it was “the greatest injustice for many a year in Croke Park”.

    Tottenham Fan Attacking Frank Lampard

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    Jose Mourinho makes a cameo here, although he doesn’t have anything to do with the incident. After Chelsea beat Tottenham 2-1 a Spurs fan made his way to the pitch trying to hit Frank Lampard. Didn’t really end well for the fan who probably got a few smacks from Drogba and the rest.

    Boks Fan (PIeter van Zul) attacks referee David McHugh

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    During a Tri-Nations match in 2002 between South Africa and New Zealand, referee David McHugh from Ireland was attacked by a drunk Springboks fan, Peter van Zyl . McHugh ended up with a dislocated shoulder.