April Fools’ In the World of Sports

    April Fool’s is the international day of pranking. It’s no different in the world of sports, be it the NBA or the NFL. Players prank teammates, stars prank fans, reporters make fun of the same stars, and even GM’s destroy their players’ confidence by telling them, cruelly, they’re getting traded.

    Cruel? Nothing seems to be crueler than telling a player he’s getting traded. Like Kyle Kendrick, a relief pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, getting told he’s being traded to Japan.

    The popcorn prank is highly popular one among NBA players. It’s usually something rookies tend to suffer from, although those high contracts tend to soften the humiliation. After so many years, you’d expect these guys to keep better watch over their car keys.

    Jason Richardson Pranking Patrick O’Bryant

    Maybe this is why O’Bryant never really made it in the league.

    Dwyane Wade Pranking Fans

    Dwyane Wade only meets fans with terminal illnesses, obvious injuries. Oh, and he has a temper.

    Jimmy Kimmel Pranking Ron Artest, When He Was Still Ron Artest

    Artest was trying to do a good thing, helping Critters United. Instead, he got paraded with a wide variety of animals he never really though he’d ever see up close.

    NFL Prospects Scared of a Fake Gorilla

    Pete Carroll Pranking Raheem Brock

    Raheem Brock gets pulled out of a team meeting for allegedly having a wild night at a hotel, ordering 56 movies.

    Harvard We Suck Prank

    Yale students infiltrating the Harvard fan section, and by a clever ruse gets their rival Ivy leaguers to hold up a ‘We Suck’ sing.

    Gabe Pruitt and Victoria

    Oh, the Shame

    Gabe Pruitt was a star during his college days at USC, not really making it in the NBA. He’ll probably be a forgotten name in a few years, but maybe thanks to Cal’s fans prank, which took a shot at Pruitt’s dating life. They got in touch with Pruitt online, posing as a girl named Victoria, that Pruitt agreed to meet in LA. During the game between USC and Cal in Berkely, the fans started chanting her name and the digits to her phone number. Pruitt and USC had a terrible night.

    Charles Barkley and the Fake Interview

    Cristiano Ronaldo to Pay Off National Debt

    The financial situation in many European countries hasn’t been good these past few years. Portugal? Maybe worst of all. The Independent ran a piece about Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Portugal, being sold to Spain as part of paying off their national debt of €12 billion. The paper also suggested that England were trying to pounce on the opportunity and sign Ronaldo for €200 million.