The Awesome Cakes Athletes Get Made For Them

What’s a birthday without a cake? Just a bunch of friends and drinking, which isn’t very different from any other party. The cake makes the whole difference.

When athletes celebrate their birthday, or other occasion, more often than not, they also get quite a special cake to make them feel special. As great as Rafael Nadal, Shaquille O’Neal and Muhammad Ali are or were, it seems that a little bit of bakes goods to celebrate something seems like a special touch.

Nadal and the French Open

Nadal Cake French Open

A massive player deserves a huge cake, as the organizers at the French Open gave him a huge one to celebrate his 27th birthday. He ended up winning the tournament for the 8th time.

When Shaq Retires

Shaq Cake

Shaquille O’Neal spent eight seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, winning three NBA titles. That alone gave him the honor of having an emotional retirement night, and getting a pretty big cake for it.

Muhammad Ali Celebration

Muhammad Ali Cake

For his 25th birthday, already a world Heavyweight champion , got a cake that’s actually bigger than him ringside.

Dwyane Wade Turning 30

Dwyane Wade 30th cake

Wade, on this occasion, got a a $230,000 custom McLaren car, a diamond-encrusted Hublot watch and a bottle of Dom Perignon, but the cake was pretty good to.

Mike Tyson Showing His Bite

Mike Tyson Biting a cake

Famous for his run during the 1980’s as the Heavyweight world champion, Mike Tyson later turned infamous for sinking his teeth into things.

Michael Jordan & His Dad

Michael Jordan & Dad

Before Jordan became the greatest player in the world and a six time NBA champion, he was actually a 26-year old waiting to become all these things. He also still had his dad around.

Kobe Bryant in High School

Kobe Bryant in High School

While most of the kids in this picture look all kind of awkward, Kobe Bryant seems pretty cool as he’s presented, alongside with them, to a cake at Lower Merion High School.

Beauty & the Cake

Ana Ivanovic

When Ana Ivanovic was young (20 in this picture), she was suposed to be one of those supposed to take over the Tennis world. She did win the French Open in 2008, but injuries have derailed her career to disappointing mediocrity.

Chris Bosh and the Suit-Cake

Chris Bosh cake

Known for his dress-sense, Chris Bosh got a nice suit-for-a-cake to celebrate his 28th birthday.

Stevie Johnson’s Girlfriend

Stevie Johnson Humor

How do you make fun of a 25 year old-fella? This one actually makes fun of his girlfriend, sort of, with a cake shaped like her rear.

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