15 College Football Teams Fan-Base Stereotypes

    There are a few stereotypes and stigmas that fit most College Football fan-bases across the nation – rednecks, drunks, dumb, loud, arrogant, arrogant, stoners, hippies. It just depends on which part of the United States you point to.

    Here are some of the more recognized ones, although some we picked not because of the popularity of the school but because A) So many people seem to agree with it or B) It was too funny to ignore.

    Iowa Hawkeyes

    Image source: laweekly.com

    Anything to do with corn. Seeing this fan and the fact the state manufactures about 20% of the nation’s corn, there’s something to that stereotype.

    Alabama Crimson Tide Fans

    Like most southern states, it has to do with all the jokes involving rednecks. As ‘Bama students like to point out, most Tide fans never even went to the university.

    Auburn Tigers

    Image source: Zimbio.com

    Pretty much the same thing as Alabama. Both schools fan bases consider the others to be rednecks and what not, but the students from both schools always like to point out that that most of the fan bases never went to the universities. There’s a saying – Auburn fans are usually fans of Auburn university, but Alabama fans are fans of Alabama football. It was probably made up by someone who goes to Jordan-Hare stadium on a regular basis.

    Washington State Cougars

    Just like the South, just in the Northwest. WSU fans are also stereotyped as rednecks, referring to people living outside the greater Seattle and Portland areas.

    California Golden Bears

    Image source: sfgate.com

    Smoke weed, intresting looking, and kinda smart. Hippies or stoners, have it your way.

    Nebraska Cronhuskers

    Corn, you guessed it. But also farms, farming, farmers and driving tractors to see the game.

    Florida Gators

    We wanted to go with a jorts picture, but these girls make a better picture to use

    That they can’t wait for an excuse to get into their jorts.

    Michigan State Spartans

    Image source: mlive.com

    That they’re all just people who tried and couldn’t get into Michigan. The cow college thing that appears many times for many universities, and that they burn couches for some reason.

    Idaho Vandals

    As the president of Boise State referred to them – Nasty and Inebriated. Being one of the top partying schools in the nation doesn’t help erase that stigma.

    Oregon Ducks

    Stoners and hippies. Pretty simple, and partially true according to plenty of reliable sources.

    Texas Longhorns

    Inside Texas, they’re probably referred to as the liberals. Outside, they’re mostly known for having more hot girls in their fan base than anyone else.

    Baylor Bears

    Image source: baylorlariat.com

    Here’s a line that describes it perfectly, said by a Baylor fan – We cut pages out of our bibles to hide our whisky flasks that we bought with our parents credit cards.

    LSU Tigers

    That they smell like bourbon and corndogs.

    Clemson Tigers

    Image source: espn.com

    A bunch of overalls wearing, sister marrying, agricultural, inbred, knuckle dragging rednecks. Pick which one suits best.

    Miami Hurricanes

    Image source: si.com

    Cocaine, strippers, pencil beards, white sneakers with gold chains, fair weather fanbase, speaks Spanish, sunglasses, gelled hair, calls fans of the opposing team derogatory names regarding their sexual orientation, loves techno. Great reputation.