Happy Birthday Steve Nash!

How Old Am I? 37 You say ? No wonder I'm having a hard time remembering...
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Yeah, it’s every one’s favorite Canadian point guard’s birthday. The two time MVP turned 37 today. Man I feel old, so I imagine how he feels. Bad joke. Well, in order to celebrate one of the greatest point guards of all time and probably one of the coolest guys with the un-coolest hair ever, here are some of Nash’s best moves on the basketball court, caught on camera and some other crap. Enjoy, and happy birthday mate – hope you win a title before you’re 40.

1 – The Wrap Around

Nash manages this sick assist to Amare around Tim Duncan.

2 – MVP, not MP3

Ali G having a bit of fun with Nash, speaking Canadian.

3 – Canada One, Brazil Zero

Nash showing some pretty moves, leaving Anderson Varejao a bit nauseous.

4 – Video Game Assist

This one always reminds me of the NBA LIVE 95 game by EA Sports. Just run to the hoop full speed, press shoot, don’t release, press pass to an open player. It looks better with Nash doing it.

5 – Soccer in the Dunk Contest

Nash shows that Peter Crouch and Zigic got nothing on him. He knows how to set up dunks using only his head.

6 – Making Tim Thomas Look Good

Probably Nash’s biggest achievement – He makes guys around him better. A lot better. Even Tim Thomas.

And don’t you ever forget it – Nash is one tough SOB. He can hit free throws with only one eye open.