Steven Gerrard Thinks England Fans Should Boo Rio Ferdinand

While matches against San Marino are hardly an event worth mentioning a minute or two after their over, some things do resonate a bit deeper, like the English fans making their opinion heard about Rio Ferdinand pulling a 180 because of his own damaged ego, trying to make life harder for Roy Hodgson and the English squad, something Steven Gerrard criticized through the back door by supporting the fans.

A short recap of events – Rio Ferdiand was insulted he wasn’t called up to the national side, despite not really being in the best of form until not too recently. Roy Hodgson not calling him up might have stirred up those saying there’s more to it than just professional reasoning but almost a year has passed, and Ferdinand was called back to the squad after doing a good job for Manchester United in the last few months.

But Ferdinand was too hurt, and decided he can’t play for the national team, stating the the physical overload as the reason he must back down from the invitation. Alex Ferguson was obviously happy; he’s never pleased when his players show too much commitment to the national team, especially at Manchester United’s expense.

Worst? Ferdinand flew to Qatar to call the match, and spent half of it trashing Hodgson and the English selection. Class doesn’t always come with experience, as it turns out.

Steven Gerrard didn’t say anything to direct about Ferdinand, but it was obvious he wasn’t too happy about a former national team teammate pulling off this kind of ego-stunt.

I think the fans have shown their frustration about Rio not being here. They’re entitled to their opinion, they pay good money to come over here. We all wanted Rio here because he’s a good player and he would have helped us over these two games. But he’s made his decision and we have to respect that.

I don’t think a single fan paid a ticket to see Ferdinand play for the national team, but for him to put his ego in the headlines because all he wanted was some pitiful revenge against a manager who dared not call him up probably deserves more than a boo or two from the English fans.

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