Subway’s Version of Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III is probably going to be the number two draft pick come Thursday, when the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft takes place. Meanwhile, Griffin is already loading up on sponsors and endorsements, including Subway, who honored Griffin with a three foot bust of him, made of barbecue chicken.

The recipe? 30 pounds of Subway’s Smokehouse barbecue chicken, using peppers to double as his braids. All Griffin had to say about the matter, featured on Fox & Friends morning show, was It’s a bit crazy, but the smokehouse barbeque chicken statue is pretty cool. We like to call it RGIII½.

It’s not all been roses and smiles for the Heisman trophy winner, heading into the NFL after a fantastic season quarterbacking for Baylor. Suddenly, some scouts have been questioning his character, accusing Griffin of selfishness and other dimensions of his game. Maybe there’s some truth to the matter, maybe there are other interests behind those claims.

Griffin, who has also signed with Adidas, has assured everyone that he is going to play for Washington. How does he know? Simple, Mike Shanahan told him – Coach Shanahan has expressed that they wanted me as their quarterback. If I was available at No. 2, they were going to pick me. So that’s why I say that. But you never know what could happen. Hopefully, nothing happens where they don’t pick me. But I’m pretty confident that they will.