Shane Mosley Only Fighting Saul Alvarez For Money

Shane Mosley hasn’t won a boxing match since January 2009, beating Antonio Margarito. He hasn’t fought since May 2011, losing by points to Manny Pacquiao, looking like he wanted the fight to be over from the first minute. There’s no ambition in his future fight with Saul Alvarez but greed and the desire to make a few extra bucks on his name, that still means something to some boxing fans.

Canelo, at 21, is one of the most exciting young fighters in the world and having a big-name Mexican fighter on the cards for May 5, Cinco de Mayo, never hurt the PPV and the numbers at the gates. The WBC Light Middleweight champion should be fighting someone better, but Mosley will have to do.

Alavarez has yet to lose a fight in his career, with his only draw coming very early, back in 2006. Mosley has a 46-7-1-1 record, with only one win in his last six fights, which have stretched over the time-space continuum since 2007. Mosley doesn’t think he’s a done fighter, and actually tries to convince the rest with his fake belief.

This is more of a fight to prove myself. I know I didn’t look good in my last couple of fights and I really to make a statement in this fight. I just want to get in the ring, fight a world champion and win another belt. I’m very excited and happy. It’s another chance for me to show that I still belong. He’s a young guy and it’s a tough fight, but I’m excited to get the fight. A lot of guys want to be in the position I am in to have this type of fight.

Alvarez, playing the game, showed nothing but respect for the 40 year old fighter – This is the fight I was looking for. Shane Mosley is a tremendous fighter with a lot of experience and big victories in his storied career. Even though I have enormous respect and admiration for Mosley, because he is a great person outside of the ring, my goal is to defeat him with a great performance.

Alvarez shouldn’t be beating up people twice his age. He should be fighting drunk drivers like Julio Cesar Chavez or the best pound for pound fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather. A fight against Miguel Cotto or Sergio Martinez, before he got pissed and closed on a deal to fight someone who has no shot at beating him would be a better option too. Still, names sell fights, even if the ability has been gone for ages.

It’s Cinco de Mayo, so when you add Mexico’s biggest star to a card that already has Mayweather, the pound-for-pound king, and Cotto, Puerto Rico’s biggest star, and ‘Canelo’ is fighting Mosley, who is a legend, that is a huge night. t was not an easy fight to put together because it is really a main event on its own and could have sold out a venue on its own or even been its own pay-per-view. 

But this takes a mega event with Mayweather and Cotto, which is a huge fight and didn’t need any help at all, and takes it to a totally different level. With these two fights on the card, it’s one of the biggest events we’ve ever promoted. It will be a celebration of the sport of boxing, a shining moment for the sport. To have Mayweather, Cotto, Canelo and ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley all on the same card, I get the chills thinking about it.

The biggest problem for Alvarez with the fight was being placed on the undercard for Cotto vs Mayweather. Oscar De La Hoya, according the Schaefer, made it possible for the fight to happen. Alvarez should be getting more of a challenge, but in a boxing world where Top Rank fighters can’t fight Golden Boy’s due to the bad blood between Bob Arum and everyone else, we’ll have to settle for watching Mosley getting humiliated.