Kate Upton in a Bikini is the Epitome of Summer

What is about Kate Upton? Well, she’s hot. That’s the number one thing. She’s also a wag, and there’s something super cute and fun about her. Cute, fun and taking pictures in a bikini and general not being known for having a lot of clothes on? That’s summer alright.

She’s also a WAG, though we’ve mentioned that. She is dating Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers, who isn’t having the best of seasons. He didn’t make it to the All-Star game, so he went with her to Mexico. Not a bad consolation “prize.”

She’s also quite busy and known for her own work. From the SI swimsuit covers and issues, to working in movies like The Other Woman next to actual actresses where she speaks lines and not just flaunts her incredible body.

She’s been on a bazillion magazine covers and has sent a few videos to viral stratosphere just by appearing on them for a few seconds. Her Gifs are heavenly. She’s the right blonde with the right stuff at the right time, and there’s no better time than summer to talk about her and look at her some more.

Kate Upton I

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