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NFL Playoffs – The 12 Teams Trying to Win the Super Bowl

Posted on 29 Dec, 2014, by in Featured, NFL

The NFL playoffs take place entirely in 2015 this time, with the AFC North (Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals), NFC West (Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals) and NFC North (Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions) sending multiple teams into the postseason. The Seahawks, Packers, New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos have a first round bye. More

Seattle Seahawks

NFL Postseason – All 12 Teams in the Playoffs

Posted on 30 Dec, 2013, by in Featured

The 2013 NFL regular season is over, and the 12 teams, most of them already comfortably in before the final week, are the Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers from the NFC and the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers from the AFC. More