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2011 College Football Rankings – Final Edition

Posted on 11 Jan, 2012, by in NFL

Surprised by the BCS Championship game turning in one of its worst ratings ever? I guess the public doesn’t like rematches, even between two powerhouses like Alabama and LSU. A playoff seems closer than ever, or anything that is a change of the current system, that seems to alienate more and more fans from Bowl season. More

Robert Griffin is an Unconventional but Deserving Heisman Trophy Winner

Posted on 11 Dec, 2011, by in NFL

Robert Griffin III became the first player from the Baylor Bears to ever win the Heisman Trophy award, beating Andrew Luck and others from traditional College Football powers after a fantastic breakout season, leading the Bears to a 9-3 record and a top 25 finish for the first time since 1986. More

2011 College Football Rankings – Week 14

Posted on 4 Dec, 2011, by in NFL

LSU did what it had to do to remain number one in the nation with a 42-10 win over Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. Oklahoma State won the Big 12 with a huge 44-10 win over Oklahoma to win the Big 12. They remained at number 3 in the AP rankings, meaning Alabama, despite not playing, stay as the number 2 team in the nation and will probably, despite already losing to LSU this season, play the Tigers for the national title. More

2011 College Football Rankings – Week 13

Posted on 27 Nov, 2011, by in NFL

LSU should beat Georgia in the SEC championship game, which means, if we know the BCS, that we’ll have a All-SEC national championship game in January 2012 between the LSU Tigers (beating Arkansas) and Alabama, who beat Auburn rather easily in the Iron Bowl. More

2011 College Football Rankings – Week 12

Posted on 20 Nov, 2011, by in NFL

LSU, Alabama and Arkansas make it an SEC 1-2-3 at the top of the AP Top 25 rankings, making it the first time since 1971 the top 3 teams were from the same conference, mostly thanks to Oregon and the Oklahoma teams suffering from big upsets. More

The End of the Joe Paterno Era

Posted on 9 Nov, 2011, by in NFL

Penn State and Joe Paterno, no more. The Jerry Sandusky scandal made waves and they hit the shore fast. After being the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions Football program since 1966, 45 years, at 84, Joe Pa steps down amid terrible controversy, allegations, and an unknown legal future. More

2011 College Football Rankings – Week 10

Posted on 6 Nov, 2011, by in NFL

Everyone was focused on one game, and LSU came out on top, beating Alabama 9-6 in the ‘Game of the Century’, #1 vs #2 SEC private battle. Oklahoma State, Boise State and Houston remain as the other undefeated schools with the Cowboys taking over the no.2 spot in the nation. More

Alabama Shouldn’t Get Another Shot at LSU

Posted on 6 Nov, 2011, by in NFL

One ‘Game of the Century’ is enough in a season. LSU and Alabama did their best not to win one of the more highly anticipated College Football games in recent years, but the no.1 Tigers scored their overtime field goal, while the soon no longer no.2 Alabama missed four during the game. More

LSU – Alabama Game of the Century Predecessors

Posted on 2 Nov, 2011, by in Featured

As the LSU – Alabama Game of the Century comes closer, we take a look at other historic games in College Football over the years when #1 met #2 and their clash got the same demanding billing. More

2011 College Football Rankings – Week 9

Posted on 30 Oct, 2011, by in NFL

LSU and Alabama didn’t move, Stanford and Andrew Luck beat USC and pretty much not much moving around in the top 5, while Kansas State and Clemson lost for the first times this season, while Houston solidify themselves as the top school in Texas. More