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NFL Rumors: Cowboys, Dak Prescott, Mark Sanchez & Quarterback Mentoring

Posted on 29 Dec, 2016, by in NFL

As the NFL regular season is about to come to a close, the Dallas Cowboys have an interesting dynamic between their quarterbacks. Tony Romo seems to be an ice unless a catastrophe happens, while Marks Sanchez isn’t just the first-in-line backup to Dak Prescott; he’s also the one taking on the role of mentor. More

NFL Rumors: Cowboys, Broncos, Eagles, Vikings, Bradford, Sanchez & Quarterback Musical Chairs

Posted on 4 Sep, 2016, by in NFL

It’s been a busy, hectic and maybe surprising 24 hours, in which the Minnesota Vikings showed their confidence in their chances this season by trading for Sam Bradford, the Philadelphia Eagles probably revealed they don’t think they can win this season, the Denver Broncos showed that signing Mark Sanchez in the first place was rather useless, and the Dallas Cowboys got the veteran quarterback they wanted. More

Best Memes of Mark Sanchez Signed by the Dallas Cowboys

Posted on 4 Sep, 2016, by in NFL

At this point of his career, Mark Sanchez is an Internet joke, so it’s no wonder that combining him with meme makers favorite team to hate on, the Dallas Cowboys, brought out plenty of memes making fun of both. More

NFL Rumors: Broncos Want Mark Sanchez to Take a Paycut, or They’re Releasing

Posted on 29 Aug, 2016, by in NFL

The preseason games have completely changed the depth chart order for the Denver Broncos at quarterback. Mark Sanchez, signed initially to be the team’s #1 QB, is now the third one on the list, and will probably be released if he doesn’t take a paycut. More

NFL Rumors: Broncos Know Who is the Starting Quarterback

Posted on 28 Aug, 2016, by in NFL

A third preseason game without Mark Sanchez playing, with Paxton Lynch having his weakest appearance thus far, and Trevor Siemian making his second consecutive start, it looks like head coach Gary Kubiak knows who his starting quarterback is going to be in the 2016 NFL season, although that doesn’t mean that person will be the starting quarterback when the season is over. More

NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos, Mark Sanchez, Paxton Lynch & Choosing a Starting QB

Posted on 22 Aug, 2016, by in NFL

The Denver Broncos are two games into the preseason, two games away from the regular season. There is still a competition for the starting quarterback position. Mark Sanchez is the obvious favorite, maybe simply as an experienced default option. But rookie Paxton Lynch is giving him a good fight, and Trevor Siemian could end up winning the job as well, although that does seem like a long shot. More

NFL Rumors – Denver Broncos, Quarterback Question, and Mark Sanchez on Top

Posted on 22 Jul, 2016, by in NFL

In the preseason quarterback battle between Mark Sanchez, Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian, it seems that the Denver Broncos will be going with the veteran in the group, which isn’t that surprising. More

NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Won’t Keep Sam Bradford or Mark Sanchez After the Season

Posted on 24 Nov, 2015, by in NFL

The Philadelphia Eagles might still make the playoffs this season, but the overall feeling surrounding the program is that a new direction is needed. Maybe in management and the coaching staff, and almost definitely in regards to the quarterback. More

NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Get a New and Improved Tim Tebow

Posted on 17 Aug, 2015, by in NFL

Things that happen in the preseason shouldn’t be over emphasised, but the Philadelphia Eagles got a taste of what it’s like to put Tim Tebow on the field and see what it does to the game and the fans. So far, they’re probably quite happy with the results. More

NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Closer to Declaring Sam Bradford as the Starting Quarterback

Posted on 4 Aug, 2015, by in NFL

It was always a matter of getting healthy for Sam Bradford. Now that he is, the starting quarterback job for the Philadelphia Eagles is his to lose. More