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Mayweather schooling McGregor

22 Best Memes of Floyd Mayweather Knocking Out Conor McGregor

Posted on 27 Aug, 2017, by in Boxing

As expected, the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather mega boxing fight didn’t just generate a s***load of money for both fighters, but also hilarious memes, mostly mocking the Irish MMA … More

The real McGregor vs Mayweather

19 Best Memes Heading Into the Mayweather vs McGregor Fight

Posted on 25 Aug, 2017, by in Boxing

The moment of truth has almost arrived: The biggest fight ever as its being promoted, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, isn’t just going to generate record-breaking sums of cash; it has some pretty good memes being created. More

Daniel Cormier Insert Coin

12 Best Memes of Jon Jones Knocking Out Daniel Cormier

Posted on 30 Jul, 2017, by in Other Sport

As some put it, the king has returned. Jon Jones, made his grand return to UFC with a knockout win over Daniel Cormier, resulting in plenty of memes unjustly mocking Cormier for crying at the end of the fight. More

14 Best Memes of Ronda Rousey Destroyed by Amanda Nunes

Posted on 31 Dec, 2016, by in Other Sport

If there was any credibility left to Ronda Rousey as a MMA fighter, it went out the window after she got knocked out by Amanda Nunes in just 48 seconds, making her comeback another trial of humiliation, leading to a downpour of memes making fun of her. More

8 Best Memes of Conor McGregor Knocking Out Eddie Alvarez

Posted on 13 Nov, 2016, by in Other Sport

If there was any doubt about who the king of the UFC is, Conor McGregor knocked out Eddie Alvarez and sent his fans into a meme rampage, glorifying his achievement of becoming the UFC’s first two-division champion at the same time. More

Best Memes of Michael Bisping Looking Banged Up After Beating Dan Henderson

Posted on 9 Oct, 2016, by in Other Sport

Despite looking worse off after their UFC 204 Middleweight championship which means more nasty memes, Michael Bisping deserved to beat Dan Henderson. More

17 Best Memes of CM Punk Getting Destroyed by Mickey Gall in UFC 203

Posted on 11 Sep, 2016, by in Other Sport

UFC 203 set the stage for CM Punk to make his MMA debut, but it turned out to be more of a laughing stock, as portrayed by the memes, than anything else. The former WWE champion didn’t last more than one round in the Octagon with Mickey Gall, tapping out after getting brutalized. More

15 Best Memes of Conor McGregor Getting Revenge Against Nate Diaz

Posted on 21 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

In a fight that sets up a deciding third bout for this trilogy, Conor McGregor got his revenge against Nate Diaz, which means the memes were either criticizing McGregor for being cautious, or making fun of Diaz for getting beat up. More

28 Best Memes of Nate Diaz Shocking Conor McGregor

Posted on 6 Mar, 2016, by in Other Sport

The hype train of Conor McGregor has come to a halt in UFC 196 at the hands of Nate Diaz in a non-title fight, which is the first main event … More

10 Best Memes of Carlos Condit Robbed by Robbie Lawler

Posted on 3 Jan, 2016, by in Other Sport

The weird decision giving Robbie Lawler the win over Carlos Condit had meme makers in a Steve Harvey kind of mood, showing what fans felt of the decision in the UFC 195 title fight, hinting it was something of a robbery. More