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19 Best Memes of Argentina Beating the Netherlands in the World Cup Semifinal

Posted on 10 Jul, 2014, by in Soccer

One of the worse matches in this World Cup leaves us Argentina to play Germany in the final, the Netherlands ready to go home after a meaningless game that awaits and memes that mostly focus on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who isn’t a part of this tournament for quite some time. More

2014 World Cup – Semifinal Predictions (Netherlands vs Argentina)

Posted on 9 Jul, 2014, by in Soccer

When the Netherlands clash with Argentina in the second 2014 World Cup semifinal for the right to play Germany for the trophy, it’ll be more than just a matchup between Lionel Messi and Arjen Robben, with the word revenge hovering all above it. More

14 Best Memes of the Netherlands Beating Costa Rica in the World Cup

Posted on 6 Jul, 2014, by in Soccer

Not a lot happened as the Netherlands knocked Costa Rica out of the World Cup: Arjen Robben is still diving, Louis van Gaal proved to be a genius, Keylor Navas stopped everything, or almost. The memes focused on that instead of the wonderful Tim Krul. More

World Cup – All 4 Teams in the Semifinals

Posted on 6 Jul, 2014, by in Featured, Soccer

FIFA are happy: The semifinals have four teams that everyone deems as fitting in the semifinals: Two European sides, Germany and the Netherlands, and two South American teams including the hosts, Brazil and Argentina, with an option of a classic final no matter who comes out as the winners. More

2014 World Cup – Quarterfinals Predictions (Argentina vs Belgium, Netherlands vs Costa Rica)

Posted on 5 Jul, 2014, by in Soccer

Day 2 of the quarterfinals in the 2014 sets up the second semifinal match. We begin with Argentina and Lionel Messi facing Belgium in Brasilia while the late match gives us the Netherlands, favored to beat Costa Rica on the pitch in Salvador. More

19 Best Memes of Arjen Robben Diving to Beat Mexico in the World Cup

Posted on 30 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

We’ll never get one conclusive answer of whether or not it was a foul by Rafael Marquez on Arjen Robben, but a penalty was called and the Netherlands beat Mexico to make it into the World Cup quarterfinals. As expected, the memes and jokes at the expense of Robben diving were soon to follow. More

Netherlands & Arjen Robben Know it Pays Off to Dive & Cheat

Posted on 30 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

It pays off to try and cheat in football matches. It doesn’t mean that Rafa Marquez didn’t foul Arjen Robben in that highly controversial decision deep into injury time that won the match for the Netherlands against Mexico. What it does mean that if you want to do well in the World Cup, having someone who isn’t shy of diving and attempting to cheat on the team doesn’t hurt. More

2014 World Cup – Round of 16 Predictions (Netherlands vs Mexico, Costa Rica vs Greece)

Posted on 29 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

The round of 16 in the 2014 World Cup continues as the big match of the day also opens it with a very interesting clash between the Netherlands and Mexico in Fortaleza, while the two surprising sides of Costa Rica and Greece will face off in the later edition at Recife. More

2014 World Cup – Day 12 Predictions (Cameroon vs Brazil, Croatia vs Mexico, Netherlands vs Chile, Australia vs Spain)

Posted on 23 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

Reaching day 12 of the 2014 World Cup means we’re entering the most intense week of the competition, which includes 16 matches in a four day span. Group A will decide its qualifying teams as Cameroon, already out of the race, taking on Brazil, while Croatia and Mexico play at the same time. In group B things are simpler, and the only thing left to decide is who finishes first between the Netherlands and Chile, while Australia play Spain in a meaningless match. More

2014 World Cup – No Robin van Persie Ending a Unique Streak for the Netherlands

Posted on 22 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

Whatever the result may be when the Netherlands face Chile for their final group stage match in the 2014 World Cup, it won’t matter – both teams have qualified to the next stage. However, without a suspended Robin van Persie, it’ll be the first time the Dutch national team plays an international match with a player whose surname begins with ‘Van’ since 1996. More