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Manchester United – Alex Ferguson Not Playing to Win

Posted on 6 May, 2013, by in Soccer

Even if you promise real hard, it’s hard to motivate yourself and your players to give a true effort when there’s nothing on the line. Robin van Persie only has his own goals to play for, while Wayne Rooney hardly got a whiff of a chance. Alex Ferguson sent his team out only to prevent a loss, but could hardly see and get any good football from them all match long, eventually brought to life thanks to his own players getting sent off. More

Manchester United – Robin van Persie & Wayne Rooney Get Too Much Credit

Posted on 9 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

All Alex Ferguson could do at the end of the match after losing the Manchester derby at home for the second straight season was blame the referees. What else? It’s not his fault that Manchester United were outplayed for most of the match in the middle of the pitch, while Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney looked too isolated and a tad useless upfront for most of the match. It’s always the officials. More

Manchester United – Even Robin van Persie is No Longer Interesting

Posted on 24 Feb, 2013, by in Soccer

For Manchester United, their latest win as they run away with the Premier League, was about Rafael scoring a rare goal and Ryan Giggs with the finisher putting a solid and remarkable performance (at his age) in the middle of the field. For the rest of the league, only Robin van Persie being slightly injured seemed to be causing any interest. More

Manchester United – Robin van Persie in the Shadow of Ryan Giggs

Posted on 11 Feb, 2013, by in Soccer

It’s happening less and less, but Ryan Giggs can still steal the thunder from even the biggest of stars. Even when Robin van Persie scores his 19th goal of the season, it was Giggs with the opener the gave Manchester United the right kind of push and inspiration to tighten their chokehold over the Premier League title. More

Manchester United – The Best & Worst of Wayne Rooney

Posted on 17 Jan, 2013, by in Soccer

Things don’t change at Old Trafford for Manchester United. A half time lead that can’t be beaten, while Wayne Rooney delivers a fine performance but leaves a bitter taste instead of a sweet one. More

Mark Halsey Steals Show with Penalty and Red Card(Liverpool vs Manchester United)

Posted on 23 Sep, 2012, by in Soccer

Instead of Liverpool and Steven Gerrard celebrating on a day that was all about Hillsborough, a red card and a penalty kick that never actually should have been called by Mark Halsey gave Manchester United enough of an advantage, winning 2-1 through a beautiful Rafael goal and a Robin van Persie penalty kick. More