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Records Broken or Tied in Super Bowl XLVII

Posted on 5 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

Quarterbacks steal the show, even when someone else deserves most of the credit. Taking a look at the list of records broken or tied in Super Bowl XLVII, it feels like Jacoby Jones might have made the more suitable MVP in the game, not Joe Flacco. More

Super Bowl XLVII – Ravens vs 49ers Predictions

Posted on 3 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

After all the previews, predictions, story-lines and breakthrough news, the day is finally here. The Baltimore Ravens representing the AFC, the San Francisco 49ers, representing the NFC, together, in New Orleans, playing to win Super Bowl 47. More

Ravens vs 49ers – Who has the Sexier Fans & Cheerleaders

Posted on 31 Jan, 2013, by in Babes

The important battle that will take place on the field between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 47 is a bit more important than decided who has the sexier fan base or cheerleading crew, but for some people, the two are both very important. More

Baltimore Ravens – Keys to Super Bowl Victory

Posted on 27 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

For the Baltimore Ravens, the underdogs going into Super Bowl 47, to successfully execute their winning game plan, two things need to happen: Joe Flacco continue to look like the best quarterback in the playoffs while the pass rush, led by Terrell Suggs, needs to start getting to the quarterback. More

Super Bowl XLVII – Beyond Ray Lewis and the Harbaugh Brothers

Posted on 24 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

Two things you’re going to hear a lot about in the coming week: The Harbowl or Superbaugh, focusing on the head coaching battle between John and Jim Harbaugh, and Ray Lewis playing his final career game in the Super Bowl. There’s more to this game for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens: Ed Reed, Randy Moss, Matt Birk and even the Vic Fangio story line. More

Super Bowl XLVII – Ravens & 49ers Secrets to Success

Posted on 23 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

Everyone knows the big names going into Super Bowl 47; Colin Kaepernick for the San Francisco 49ers, Joe Flacco and Ray Lewis for the Baltimore Ravens. A successful football program is much more than just one or two stars, and often the most important pieces go by unnoticed. More

Super Bowl XLVII – Ravens & 49ers Weaknesses

Posted on 22 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

Both the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers are obviously thrilled about going to the Super Bowl, already nicknamed as the Harbowl, but these two weeks will be about more than just enjoying New Orleans. They’ll be mostly about fixing the problems on each team, and fining a way to overcome and/or expose the others’ weaknesses. More

2011 NFL Thanksgiving in Dallas, Detroit and Baltimore

Posted on 23 Nov, 2011, by in NFL

The 2011 NFL Thanksgiving Thursday will showcase the Dallas Cowboys hosting the Miami Dolphins, the Baltimore Ravens bringing home the San Francisco 49ers and the best team in the league, the Green Bay Packers, arriving in Detroit to take on the Lions. More