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Phoenix Suns – Amare Stoudemire Should Have Retired With Them

Posted on 27 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

There are two kind of What If stories in the NBA, or in sports in general: What if certain decisions were or weren’t made (regarding a trade or player/team decision), and what if a specific player wasn’t plagued by injuries. More

Troy Polamalu Retiring, Just like the Pittsburgh Steelers Wanted

Posted on 10 Apr, 2015, by in NFL

Be it because of the injuries, concussions or simply some religious revelation, Troy Polamalu is retiring from the NFL after 12 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, which include winning two Super Bowls and being named as the league’s defensive player of the year once. More

Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant Might Not Play Another NBA Game

Posted on 29 Jan, 2015, by in NBA

Until Kobe Bryant says it’s over we should expect him to return, but with his shoulder injury keeping him for presumably the next nine months, it won’t be too much of a stretch to suggest he has played his final game for the Los Angeles Lakers and in the NBA. More

Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant Retiring Will be Something to Celebrate

Posted on 19 Jan, 2015, by in NBA

Lately, it seems Kobe Bryant is contemplating his own basketball mortality and is seriously thinking about retiring from the NBA. While he’s been everything to the Los Angeles Lakers for a very long time, it’ll be a great step towards a better and brighter future once he does retire. More

NBA Rumors – Andrew Bynum Very Close to Retirement

Posted on 8 May, 2014, by in NBA

The Indiana Pacers looked like they made a great move by signing Andrew Bynum midway through the season to help their title push, but his knee problems that have been following him for his entire career never went away and after playing only two games for his latest club, it’s been announced he’s out for the entire postseason, which casts a very big shadow on the remainder of his career. More

On Roger Federer, Rock Bottom & the Inevitable End

Posted on 3 Sep, 2013, by in Tennis

All-time greats usually don’t know when to retire. Roger Federer is no different. Maybe he wanted 2013 to be some sort of sweet swan song, but it is turning out to be an awful season for the greatest tennis player of all-time, and his fourth round exit at the US Open should signal to him and everyone else that it’s time to quit. More

NBA Rumors – New York Knicks Currently Stuck With Jason Kidd

Posted on 22 May, 2013, by in NBA

After turning 40 and having the worst postseason imaginable, many expected Jason Kidd to announce his retirement after 19 NBA seasons. Nothing wrong, even for a future hall of fame player, admitting that the game of professional basketball is a bit too much for him right now. However, according to people with the New York Knicks, Kidd is planning on remaining with the team a little while longer. More

Manchester United Rumors – Alex Ferguson Between Retirement and Staying

Posted on 8 May, 2013, by in Soccer

It’s one thing when the Sun and the Daily Mirror insist that someone is on his way out, but when both the Telegraph and The Times claim that according to sources around Manchester United, Alex Ferguson will be announcing his retirement, it does become more than just meaningless shouting into the wind. More

Floyd Mayweather – What’s Left to Fight For

Posted on 29 Dec, 2012, by in Boxing

Legacy and money are what drive boxing forward. Mostly money. Titles? Their nice to have and hold up after wins, by their pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things. For Floyd Mayweather, which has all the legacy he can wish for, and probably all the money as well, there isn’t that much left out there to motivate him. More

Alessandro Del Piero’s Final Juventus Moments?

Posted on 14 May, 2012, by in Soccer

The last 58 minutes of Alessandro Del Piero’s career at Juventus weren’t in the famous Bianconeri colors, but in pink. The club’s original colors which seems so out of place on Del Piero, one of the few ‘living legends’ in today’s football. A 37 year old player who spent pretty much his entire career, through the ups and down, with the same club. More