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10 Highest Paid Players Heading Into the 2019 MLB Season

Posted on 27 Mar, 2019, by in Featured, MLB

The top 10 biggest earners in the 2019 MLB season consist of 7 starting pitchers, 6 players earning over $30 million in a season, one player from last year’s World … More

MLB Rumors – Washington Nationals, New York Mets & Toronto Blue Jays Busy Considering Extensions

Posted on 16 Feb, 2016, by in MLB

With teams pretty much done making trades and free agency signings, one thing left to do in some cases is being contract extensions with some players. The Washington Nationals have Stephen Strasburg to consider, the Toronto Blue Jays with both Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion and the New York Mets with Matt Harvey. More

Felix Hernandez & Stephen Strasburg With No Postseason for Different Reasons

Posted on 22 Aug, 2012, by in MLB

No one actually knows if limiting a pitcher to a certain amount of innings each seasons works. Felix Hernandez is throwing 230-240 innings a season and he’s never played less than 30 games excluding his rookie year. Stephen Strasburg is at 139.1 this season after 24 starts, which means he’ll be shut down in 20.9, according to everyone within the Washington Nationals organization. More

Pitchers Dominate Another Opening Day

Posted on 6 Apr, 2012, by in MLB

Another opening day for the 2012 MLB season, this time with an actual feel to it, with 7 games taking place instead of just one. The year of the pitcher? Seems like it again, with Justin Verlander and Roy Halladay looking as dominant as they were in 2011, leading their teams to their first wins. More