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Records Broken or Tied in Super Bowl XLVII

Posted on 5 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

Quarterbacks steal the show, even when someone else deserves most of the credit. Taking a look at the list of records broken or tied in Super Bowl XLVII, it feels like Jacoby Jones might have made the more suitable MVP in the game, not Joe Flacco. More

San Francisco 49ers – Colin Kaepernick Started Executing Too Late

Posted on 4 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

It took the San Francisco 49ers more than two quarters to realize they’re playing in the Super Bowl and are getting run over. Colin Kaepernick started making throws and the Pistol offense suddenly made the kind of impact it had all season. Too bad for them, it was just a tad too little, too late, too short and off the mark. More

Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco Becomes an Elite Quarterback

Posted on 4 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

It doesn’t really matter anymore what Joe Flacco says about himself and what others use to counter it. Once you win a Super Bowl MVP, leading the Baltimore Ravens to a 34-31 win, it really doesn’t matter anymore. Flacco, with the help of Jacboy Jones and Anquan Boldin, became an elite quarterback, forever written down in NFL mythology. More

Best Photos of the Baltimore Ravens Winning Super Bowl XLVII

Posted on 4 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

Super Bowls don’t always deliver, but Super Bowl 47 sure did: Not just the pregame story-lines about the Harbaugh brothers and Ray Lewis, but the underdogs, led by Joe Flacco and Jacboy Jones for a huge surge and lead, right before and epic comeback by the San Francisco 49ers, falling just short of a potential game winning touchdown. These were the best photos to recap the night. More

Where to Watch Super Bowl XLVII Live

Posted on 3 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

Super Bowl 47 will bring together two teams that haven’t been to the final game of the season in over a decade – the Baltimore Ravens after 12 years without a shot at the title, and the San Francisco 49ers after an even longer drought, of 18 years. If you don’t know where to watch this game live, we’re here to help. More

Super Bowl XLVII – Ravens vs 49ers Predictions

Posted on 3 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

After all the previews, predictions, story-lines and breakthrough news, the day is finally here. The Baltimore Ravens representing the AFC, the San Francisco 49ers, representing the NFC, together, in New Orleans, playing to win Super Bowl 47. More

San Francisco 49ers – What They Need to Win the Super Bowl

Posted on 2 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

The favorites need to make less adjustments, that’s always the case. The San Francisco 49ers have the advantage going into the Super Bowl, and sticking to what worked is probably the best plan, along with some minor changes: Colin Kaepernick staying the same in steering the offense, while Patrick Willis needs to step up in his attempt in stopping Ray Rice from getting his way. More

Baltimore Ravens – What They Need to Win the Super Bowl

Posted on 2 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

In order for the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl, it’s going to be less about a game plan and simply about execution: Joe Flacco playing just as well as he’s have so far in the postseason, and the defense figuring out how to get around that massive offensive line the San Francsico 49ers bring to the table. More

Ravens vs 49ers – Who has the Sexier Fans & Cheerleaders

Posted on 31 Jan, 2013, by in Babes

The important battle that will take place on the field between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 47 is a bit more important than decided who has the sexier fan base or cheerleading crew, but for some people, the two are both very important. More

Super Bowl XLVII – Ravens Defense vs 49ers Offense

Posted on 30 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

Running is the basis to the San Francisco 49ers success on offense, but it’s not the entire story. Colin Kaepernick has a great arm and a bunch of talented receivers to use when he wants to take the load of his own legs or Frank Gore. The Baltimore Ravens will struggle finding answers in order to contain them. More