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Manchester City 2019 Champions

Final Takeaways From the 2018-2019 Premier League Season

Posted on 12 May, 2019, by in Soccer

While there was more to the 2018-2019 Premier League season than just the historically bountiful title race between Manchester City and Liverpool, in the years that will come it will be what we remember from a season filled with big storylines and lessons that deserve to be learned.  More

La Liga – Title Race Scenarios

Posted on 7 May, 2014, by in Soccer

We aren’t used to close finishes in the Spanish La Liga, but the table tells us an interesting story. With two (or three) matches left to play, depending on the team, we still have 3 teams capable of walking away as champions, with Atletico Madrid trying to fend off the challenge of Barcelona and Real Madrid. More

Premier League – Title Race Scenarios

Posted on 7 May, 2014, by in Soccer

As Manchester City take on Aston Villa, Liverpool will be crossing their fingers that something unlikely happens there, and even Chelsea will be watching despite what Jose Mourinho says, as the title race in the Premier League comes down to its final days, with less and less scenarios left available for anyone not named Manchester City to come out as the title winners. More

Real Madrid – What Needs to Happen So They Can Win the Championship

Posted on 1 Apr, 2014, by in Soccer

There’s more to this season than just the La Liga for Real Madrid, but after already holding what seemed to be a commanding league at the top of the table, finishing behind either Barcelona or Atletico Madrid will be something of a failure, no matter what happens in the Champions League. More

Serie A – Juventus Making Things Complicated

Posted on 14 Jan, 2013, by in Soccer

Before the season even began, Juventus were crowned by most as the next champions of the Italian Serie A, making it a repeat. Despite going into the winter break with a comfortable 8 point lead, it look like Lazio and possibly Napoli as well aren’t going away. More

Barcelona, Juventus & Bayern Munich Already Champions

Posted on 24 Dec, 2012, by in Soccer

We know that things can happen, but it looks like that Barcelona in the Spanish La Liga, Juventus in the Italian Serie A and Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga are well on their way to be crowned champions, and we’re barely at the half way line of the season. More

Mastercard Meme on Manchester United & Manchester City Title Race

Posted on 15 May, 2012, by in Soccer

The last day of the English Premier League’s title race posed a serious dillema for neutral fans – Cheer for Manchester City, who don’t get much love for ‘Buying the title’ or root for Manchester United, who, well, very few besides Red Devil fans want to see them grab another title. More

Highs & Lows of the Insane Finish to the 2011-2012 Premiership Season

Posted on 14 May, 2012, by in Soccer

Manchester City and Manchester United were involved in the craziest ending to a Premier League season in history. It’s not that we haven’t had last day finishes, but this one was special. More

Premiership’s 2011-2012 Finish – What’s Left to Play For

Posted on 8 May, 2012, by in Soccer

Manchester City and Manchester United will be in the spotlight of the final day of the 2011-2012 Premiership season, both teams tied with 86 points, City holding the goal difference advantage. But it’s not all about the title on the last day – Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle fight for the Champions League; QPR and Bolton fight for survival. More

Real Madrid & Jose Mourinho Not So Confident Anymore

Posted on 21 Mar, 2012, by in Soccer

Real Madrid, as a club – manager and players all together, simply took a rifle and shot themselves in the foot. Instead of keeping Barcelona at an unreachable place behind them, 10 impossible to catch up and erase points, it suddenly six, with Mourinho and his players completely flipping out during their 1-1 draw with Villareal, as Mourinho, Sergio Ramos and Mesut Ozil got sent off. More