Texas A&M Beats Duke – Johnny Manziel Giving One Final Show

Johnny Manziel

It’s still unclear if Johnny Manziel has played his last game for Texas A&M or not, but if he has, it was an impressive goodbye to the Aggies, once again putting on a show in a big bowl game. Duke tried to get in the way, but the former Heisman winner and one of the most productive players in college football history just wouldn’t be stopped, or denied of leaving with a another win under his belt.

Last yet the Sooners felt his wrath and talent in the Cotton Bowl. This year, playing against Duke in the Chick-Fil-A-Bowl, Mazinel threw four touchdown passes and for 380 yards, while running 11 times for 73 yards. The kind of performance that makes you wonder if all those who have said he has no chance of making it in the NFL have actually watched him play, because there shouldn’t be a reason one of the most incredible players to ever participate in College Football can’t succeed in the next level as well.

However, even after breaking almost every record in the SEC, Manziel still won’t talk about his future. After two excellent years of helping the Aggies go through the SEC transition, he’s only willing to share his thoughts on the performance during the 52-48 win. He once again performed big time in a bowl game, and in the two he has played in he’s completed 72% of his passes, putting 971 yards of total offense and has been responsible for 9 touchdowns. He threw for 287 yards, ran for 229 yards and was responsible for four touchdowns last year against Oklahoma.

I was in a zone I haven’t been in before. I just wanted this game. I can’t even talk about anything other than this game. This was unreal. I haven’t made the decision yet. I’m in the moment right now.

Texas A&M Aggies

The A&M defense has been an issue all season long, maybe keeping the team from riding Manziel’s abilities to a BCS Bowl game for the first time since the 1998 season. Duke led by as many as 21 points before Manziel began his show in the second half. The Blue Devils finished with a total of 661 yards, as Anthony Boone threw for 427 yards (3 touchdowns, 2 interceptions) while the running game, led by Josh Snead with 104 yards, added 234 yards on 37 carries against the mostly helpless A&M defense.

For the Aggies, there wasn’t much besides Manziel. Travis Labhard did catch 6 passes including 3 for touchdowns while Tra Carson ran for a touchdown of his own, but this was all about Manziel playing like a man possessed, unwilling to lose another game after already dropping four during the SEC season, in what seems more and more like his final appearance for the school.

Manziel is now holding the two best seasons in SEC history when counting total yards, missing out on his 5116 mark from last season by 243 yards, posting 4873 this season. Too bad his defense didn’t show up for the 2013 campaign, ranking last in the Southeastern Conference, 105th in the nation in total defense and 88th in the nation in scoring defense.

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