The Ashley Young Bird Incident Conspiracy Theory

Strange and wonderful things happen on the internet, like this brilliant cartoon describing alternative theories to what happened to Ashley Young during the Manchester United loss to Swansea, and why it might something other than a bird defecating in his mouth.

That moment, and not the goals or the surprising home loss (well, maybe a little bit the loss), was the main attraction about a so-so match that opened the 2014-2015 Premier League season, but the video above presents a few alternative theories as to what actually happened.

There’s the one sticking to bird feces, as disgusting as that sounds, but that has to do with Roy Hodgson and the comparison to an owl, taunting Young for being a player who’ll never get to play for England again. Another funny version has to do with Ryan Giggs and the fear Manchester United players must feel when they see Giggs walking up to one of their girlfriends or wives.

Alex Ferguson, Adam Lallana, Joe Hart and even a spraying referee seem to be in on it somehow. For once, Young made the headlines for something other than his diving skills. Unfortunately for him, it was for something good either.

Ashley Young Bird Incident