The Barcelona – Guardiola Rumor Mill

If you choose to believe the recent rumors, Pep Guardiola will not be the Barcelona head coach next season. He’ll officially announce his plans during a Friday press conference, and the recent results (losses in the Clasico and Champions League Semi Final) have gotten people to come to a conclusion that Guardiola won’t be returning to the Camp Nou next season.

They say he already announced the news to his players after the 2-2 draw against Chelsea, knocking them out of the Champions League, failing to win a ‘Must-Win’ match for the third consecutive time in seven days. Lionel Messi, according to rumors, cried when he heard the words coming out of Pep’s mouth. It makes the rumors sound better.

They say he has already met with Sandro Rosell, the president of Barcelona. Rumor has it that Rosell gave Guardiola a Carte Blanche, and all Guardiola needed was to write down the figures. Guardiola promised he’ll have his answer before the beginning of the weekend.

They say Guardiola is tired. Maybe the hairline might suggest that’s true. Four years of incredible success, under immense pressure. I’m pretty sure the pressure at every other big club in the world – Real Madrid, Inter, Manchester United and Bayern Munich is rather similar. Still, staying at the top is always harder then reaching it. At least that’s what they say.

They say the players of Barcelona, some of them actually owning every possible title in the sport – League, Cup, Champions League, Club World Cup, European Champions and World Champions (Spain), have lost their edge, grown tired. This crazy run after titles wears you down after a while. They say Guardiola finds it harder and harder to bring back the magic and the hunger inside them.

A little younger, a little more hair

They say Guardiola wants to take a year off. They say Guardiola already has a signed contract in Qatar, for some monstrous salary, taking him to 2014. They say Guardiola will be the next manager of Manchester City. Or of Chelsea. Or of Inter. They say he’ll replace Alex Ferguson at Manchester United when the man retires. Wasn’t he about to retire just 10 years ago?

Guardiola has won three league titles, two Champions league titles and two Club World Cups. They say he revolutionized the game, but some say he just ‘stole’ from Ajax and tweaked the system a bit. After all, what else can some invent in a limited sport?

They say he’s a genius. Guardiola never wanted to be tied down for more than one year. Maybe reality hit him in the face. A year of no major titles is too much to take for a perfectionist. Maybe he’s not tired at all, and likes to keep everyone in suspense. They, we, it doesn’t matter. Until he doesn’t open his mouth and speak his mind to Barcelona, Spain and the world, it’s all up in the air.

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