The Best of Vince McMahon Purchasing Newcastle Meme

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There’s a very good chance that the rumors about Vince McMahon being interested in purchasing Newcastle United are nothing but hearsay. Still, it would be quite awesome to have the WWE dictator bringing his own style and business ideas to the Premier League, already bringing fans to come up with some funny ideas about how it might look.

So what if a serious media outlet like the Guardian is debunking this myth? The Newcastle fans hate their owner and most of what he tries to do with the club. McMahon might have made his millions (Net worth of just under $1 Billion) from professional wrestling, which means a fake sport that’s mostly about the entertainment around the “fights” and not the actual fighting going on in the ring, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a good owner (potentially) and an excellent business man.

Is this what Newcastle need? McMahon obviously knows Newcastle isn’t a stock of fighters who are out there to entertain, but a business that isn’t measured solely on the price stock or the profits it generates, but also on pleasing the fans with quality football and most importantly, results.

Once again, this is quite a long shot and probably won’t happen at all, but the idea of an outrageous character like McMahon (who is putting on a show for the sake of his programs and events when he acts the way he does) owning a Premier League football team simply can’t be ignored.