The “Confused Players” Free Kick Continues to Evolve

In what is clearly becoming a trend, an Argentine futsal club has decided to adopt the idea brought to the world by players from RW Essen, which has have your players argue or seem confused in the moment leading up to the free kick, creating an excellent misdirection and score a goal.

Unlike the “Real” football version of the trick, which enabled the German side to use five players in the misdirection, Futsal doesn’t have that luxury. But that just calls for more creativity.

The re-visioned version for futsal includes two players running up to the ball, bumping into each other while a third player comes from behind to strike the ball. Essen had a bit more arguing in it, and it’s probably a bit more hard to score free kicks in football than in futsal, which makes it very hard to stop power shots from close distance, but the trick before hand is what made this goal special.