The Dogs of College Football

One of the popular nicknames for collegiate athletic teams have something to do with dogs, especially bulldogs and huskies. In the FBS, there are 12 of them, including 4 bulldog teams, 3 huskies teams (one of them uses an Alaskan Malamute), one team with a tamaskan, one with a rough collie, one with a bluetick coonhound, one with a yellow lab and another with a golden retriever.

In all of college football, there are 32 teams who use live dog mascots, including some teams with more than one. Quite a few teams don’t have a dog nickname, yet still want a dog patrolling the sidelines, just for the sake of tradition, even if the tradition in some cases isn’t very ancient.

Connecticut Huskies – Jonathan XIV (Siberian Husky)

Jonathan XIV

Fresno State Bulldogs – Victor E. Bulldog (English Bulldog)

Victor E. Bulldog

Georgia Bulldogs – Uga X (English Bulldog)

Uga X

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs – Tech XXI (English Bulldog, Retired)

Tech XXI

Michigan State Spartans – Zeke IV (Yellow Labrador)

Zeke IV

Mississippi State Bulldogs – Bully XXI (English Bulldog)

Bully XXI

North Carolina State Wolfpack – Tuffy II (Tamaskan)

Tuffy II

Northern Illinois Huskies – Mission (Siberian Husky)


Tennessee Volunteers – Smokey X (Bluetick Coonhound)

Smokey X

Texas A&M Aggies – Reveille IX (Rough Collie)

Reveille IX

Tulsa Golden Hurricane – Goldie (Golden Retriever)


Washington Huskies – Dubs (Alaskan Malamute)


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