The Greatest Athlete of all time – Michael Jordan

    The greatest athlete of all time? Hard to say, but everyone’s has an opinion. Mine? Michael Jordan. Six NBA titles, five MVP awards, six Finals MVPs and 10 scoring titles, to begin with. The greatest basketball player in history, and possibly his greatest achievement is being the most famous person on the planet for a while during the 1990’s, quite an accomplishment for an athlete.

    Looking like a comic character; by ~kickstandkid78

    Animated Airness; by ~Kadu-Productions

    The Wall of a Legend; by ~Angelmaker666

    In Black and White; by reemy

    During a dunk; by *MarshmallowInvader

    A kiss to the hardwood; by sensei324

    Dominating the competition; by ~jordan659323

    Too much Tongue; by ~vp021

    We’re beginning a weekly series of posts, as each writer chooses his greatest/favorite athlete of all time. Instead of throwing stats at you, we’ll throw some fabulous art of that, well, hero (to some). Let us know what you think, and who you want to see next.