A Hard to Watch Tradition – The Nude Blacks

This was the least disturbing picture of the lot. Yeah, I know we're sexists. But at least we're not showing nipples, female ones.

The New Zealand All-Blacks, on the eve of the 2011 Tri Nations tournament which opens with Australia and South Africa, played their final test match before the series against Fiji in chilly Dunedin. A tradition, quite a disturbing one, especially to the naked eye, is the Nude Blacks pre-test match, this time against the Jijian invitational. We’ll spare you the more troubling pictures from that match, but as you can guess, the Nude Blacks are a bunch of guys and gals running around wearing… nothing.

The match is refereed by a blind woman, so she can’t be swayed or bought by extraordinary… ahemmm… size or width, which of course would be inappropriate.

For the rest of the pictures, not for the feint of heart, go to Zimbio.com.