The Rio Ferdinand – England – John Terry Needless Drama

Rio Ferdinand out. Despite being in good form all season long. Despite the fact that England’s injuries keep piling up, most recently Martin Kelly. What does Roy Hodgson do? Call up Martin Kelly from Liverpool, who is mostly a right back, without beginning to speak about the ability and experience factor.

They should make a difference, shouldn’t they? It seems that the 2012 version of the England squad is all about politics and intrigue. Roy Hodgson should be hating Liverpool after getting sacked by the club during the 2010-2011 season, shouldn’t he? After their terrible season, they shouldn’t be the most represented team in the squad, should they?

Hodgson now has two right backs from the same club. Unless he knows something no one else does about Kelly’s abilities at centre back, this all smells too much like the FA giving Hodgson an order to back John Terry, no matter the cost. The same John Terry accused of racial abuse against Rio Ferdinand’s brother. The same FA that sent Luis Suarez into suspension (8 matches) for less evidence in the Patrice Evra row.

The same John Terry that cost Fabio Capello his job and gave Roy Hodgson his. Capello lost his job because the FA stripped John Terry of his captaincy. John Terry isn’t the captain anymore, but Fabio Capello is gone; A manager no one seems to believe in is instated, but Terry is playing and Rio Ferdinand, who was better than Terry throughout the season, is out.

Still, the FA and Hodgson are saying “football reasons” stand in the way of Ferdinand and his inclusion in the England squad for the 2012 Euro. Still, Ferdinand going the “Manchester United” direction by trying to pull some media tricks and pressure on the subjects isn’t exactly the classy way to go. Maybe Hodgson simply prefers other players. Maybe he doesn’t like Ferdinand’s influence and personality.

Lampard, Terry, Barry, Gerrard: all ageing but they o to the tournament. Why is Rio different? To treat a player that has captained and served his country 81 times is nothing short of disgraceful. Total lack of respect from Hodgson and the FA as far as I am concerned.

I don’t know what Ferdinand thinks anyone owes him for his “service” to his country, but he’s obviously not getting it. Maybe the reasons for keeping him out of the national squad are a bit crooked and impure. Not everything is about professional reasons. Sometimes personality takes over as the priority. Maybe Terry’s leadership skills are too vital, no matter if he’s a good person or not. If Hodgson is convinced that Terry is the man he wants leading the back four, then it’s obvious Ferdinand shouldn’t be included.

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