The Very Big Mouth of David Haye

If nothing goes wrong and no one backs out, we’ll finally have one of the more anticipated fights in the world of boxing on our screen – David Haye, the fast talking WBA Champions facing Wladimir Klitschko, the younger of the Klitschko brothers and holder of the IBF, IBO and WBO titles.

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Remember, this fight was about to happen in 2009 but Haye pulled out due to an injury. Others say he just escaped a beating. He was also en route to a fight with older brother Vitali, but those talks broke down. Actually, due to the contracts and the nature of the way the Klitschkos do business, if Wladimir doesn’t heal up from abdominal muscle tear in time, Haye will fight big brother Vitali. I don’t know if he minds. His words at least, don’t suggest that.

He’s a Fraud, and I’m good at exposing frauds.

Here’s my time to prove it. I’m in good shape, so for the first time he’s fighting someone healthy. Normally he tries to pick people or coming off an injury or long layoffs. Time he’s got a prime athlete at his peak.

Back when Haye was the undisputed Cruiserweight champions, about three years ago, he said he can knockout the Ukrainian champion. And of course, we have more from Haye, who has defended his WBA title only twice, beating American John Ruiz and fellow Brit Audley Harrison in TKO’s. Haye called out the other challengers as a disgrace, showing he doesn’t reserve his big mouth only for the Klitschko brothers.

I believe the people he’s fought make him look spectacular, from the fact that he wears big shoulder pads in his gowns to the fact that he picks the guys who fit his style perfectly. I’m not fooled by it.

Wladimir’s last win was over Nigerian Samuel Peter, knocking him out in the 10th round. His last defeat came way back in 2004, losing to Lamon Brewster. During his two tenures as World Champion, Klitschko has fought 18 bouts, winning 16. He’s also hit the canvas 11 times during his 15 year career.

Haye also hasn’t tasted defeat in a very very long time, back in his Cruiserweight days being the last time, in 2004 against Carl Thompson.