Thierry Henry, Bicycle Kick & Goal of the Season in the MLS

It hasn’t been too long into the 2013 MLS season, but Theirry Henry might have already scored the goal of the season with a beautiful and full of class Bicycle kick goal as the New York Red Bulls beat the Montreal Impact 2-1 to remain on top of the Eastern Conference.

It’s been quite a start for Henry on his fourth (third full) season in North America, now scoring five goals through his first nine matches. He also scored the opening goal just after the second half began to keep the Red Bulls quite comfortable for most of the second period for Juninho delivered an accurate corner kick, flicked on by Markus Holgersson before Henry thought quickly, raised his feet, lowered his body, and created magic.

Not playing for Arsenal on a unnecessary loan spell might have done Henry some good in his preparation for the new season, not looking like player who will be turning 36 in three months. He has now scored 36 goals in 71 matches since arriving in New York, and by the looks of things early on, there’s a chance he might be able to take his team all the way this season, and add another trophy to his bursting cabinet.

Thierry Henry