Tim Tebow Behind in the Quarterback Race From Day 1

If Tim Tebow thought the pressure, expectations and media hounding was bad in Florida and Denver, New York offers a whole new level of all these factors. Only one day of training behind him, and with the help of the new 24/7 coverage of everything Tebow, everyone knows it wasn’t a great way to start to his Jets career.

Not a great start? Only the first day. But that’s life in 2012, especially if you’re a quarterback who’s about to battle another guy for the position. And you happen to be Tim Tebow. It took seconds from the news of Tebow being intercepted twice during his throws to go on twitter and from there the news agencies.

Sanchez? He didn’t have a great third season, mostly because of the fact that the Jets didn’t make the playoffs. His numbers were the best of his career. But people expected another upgrade in the team’s accomplishments after two straight AFC Championship games. Sanchez got more responsibility, and didn’t do enough with it.

When it was announced that Tebow was on his way to New York to compete for the Jets’ starting quarterback job, I don’t think there are many willing to put money on Tebow actually winning it. From what we’ve seen from the both of them during their careers, Sanchez is just the better player. It’s his job to lose.

Sanchez was sharp on his first day. Does it mean anything? Barely. But the pressure cooker in New York is already starting to work. Sanchez is the leading man, Tebow isn’t, and it showed, according to those watching, in the first day. Or at least that’s how they like to translate meaningless passes. Don’t forget, Tebow needs to learn a new offense and gel with new teammates. He’s coming from behind, not just because he’s less of a player.

Tebow also got to work with the special teams, playing as the personal protector. Don’t say the Jets didn’t warn him & you. With Tebow’s ‘special skill set’ as everyone calls it, but obvious problems at quarterback, he’s bound to be used in ways that make the most of his athletic gifts. Guessing from the first day, don’t be surprised if Tebow doesn’t get a start or snap the whole season, as long as Sanchez stays healthy.

What if he doesn’t? Having Tebow as a backup adds a lot of pressure on a struggling quarterback, and the same pressure goes on to the head coach. If the Jets don’t get off to a solid start, don’t be surprised if you’ll start seeing the same views we saw in Denver last year, with fans waiting for Orton to be taken off and Tebow to come in. It can happen in New York, faster and crueler than in anywhere else.

What does the future hold for God’s chosen son on the football field and beyond? It’s hard seeing Tebow becoming a permanent starting quarterback anywhere. He just doesn’t seem to have what it takes in terms of passing abilities. He’s a winner and finds obscure way to win games by improvising, but that’s a short term solution. Don’t expect him to rock the world with the Jets, or stay in New York very long.

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