Tim Tebow, No Longer a Quarterback

After a disastrous season for Tim Tebow, his future in the NFL is questionable. Not if he has a place in it, but at what position. There’s a very good chance he won’t be with the New York Jets anymore, but even somewhere else, it’s hard seeing anyone giving him the chance to start at his preferred position.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other uses for him. Rex Ryan never wanted Tebow, and did everything in his power to show it. Tebow attempted only 8 passes in 2012, completing six passes. He rushed the ball 12 times and lined up as a receiver a few more, not to mention as a blocker for Sanchez and even on a punt play. Maybe it was actually testing his skills out, but part of it felt like Ryan trying to humiliate the player and proceed to have some sort of power struggle with the ownership and those who landed on him a player he never wanted, everyone knowing the kind of unnecessary focus it might bring.

Tebow did get to start for half a season with the Denver Broncos, leading them to the postseason despite his awful passing numbers (46.5% completions) and showing his running skills (averaging 5 yards per rush in his NFL career, scoring 12 touchdowns) and his ability to pull a team with a few memorable fourth quarter comebacks.

And the potential to play as running back or maybe even an H-Back, some sort of hybrid tight end – running back – full back position, which is something we see from the Houston Texans these days with Owen Daniels at times, is probably the direction to go for Tim Tebow. Just like Denard Robinson, coming out of Michigan, is converting to wide receiver, staying in the NFL will mean Tebow needs to change in order to get playing time in this league.

It still doesn’t mean teams will trust him. Despite all the love and hype around him, it’s mostly about the fans. Most head coaches and GM’s aren’t excited about having him on the team, not to mention the controversy he creates the minute he steps on the training ground, despite the attempt to focus only on football.

Tebow isn’t known for exceptional catching skills, so it’s hard seeing anyone trying him as a tight end just for the fun of it, but a creative enough head coach might probably be willing to take the chance on Tebow as a running back or H-back and save his career, which seems to be going nowhere as a third string quarterback. Now all he needs is to be lucky enough and land on the right team, with the right head coach, that will actually give him a chance.

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