Tim Tebow Madness Going Overboard

There are the wins, which no one can deny, or argue against. Tim Tebow, since taking over for Kyle Orton at quarterback, has won six out of the last seven games. The Broncos suddenly lead the AFC West, along with the Oakland Raiders, with a 7-5 record. People are even talking about Tim Tebow as an MVP, and that’s just too much.

The Florida Gators didn’t win just because of Tebow. They were loaded with speed and talent, built around by Urban Meyer. Yes, Tebow was an excepetional talent, one of the best ever in the college ranks. But Heisman winners and great NCAA QB’s don’t usually become great as Pros. It’s a different game, that requires a different set of skills. I’m not sure Tebow has what it takes to be a good quarterback in this league. He’s winning, but that’s not the whole story.

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First of all, if there’s one proof for MVP this season it has to be Peyton Manning, as the Indianapolis Colts simply crumbled to pieces without him. Whether he’ll stay to guide Andrew Luck or find himself elsewhere, that’s a different question. If it’s taking the award’s name literally, it has to be Manning, who proved how valuable he is to the organization.

Kyle Orton is the perfect example for not making Tim Tebow the second coming or something. Orton started 15 games for the Chicago Bears in 2005 after Rex Grossman went down early. Orton finished with a 10-5 record while the Bears’ defense ate everybody up. Orton had a 59.7 QB rating, a 51.6% completion rate and a 9-13 TD-INT ratio. No one thought he was the reason the Bears were winning. When he did good, he usually had great field position to work with thanks to Urlacher and the gang.

Now Tebow? Stats in football usually tell a very good story. He’s better than Orton, but nothing spectacular. An 87.9 QB rating, a 47.5% completion rating. He is the worse passing quarterback in the NFL with over 100 passes thrown. Baline Gabbert of the Jags is the other one with more than 100 passes and less than a 50% completion rate. In touchdowns and interceptions he’s doing fine, with 10-1 so far, so that’s a plus. But to give him all the credit for the Broncos’ revival? That’s pretty much lying to everyone.

The Broncos schedule has been relatively soft. The AFC West might be the weakest division in the land, and wins over the Raiders, Jets, Chiefs, Chargers and Vikings have yet to make anyone Super Bowl material.

He does turn game around. He does create fourth quarter comebacks, but in recent weeks, it has a lot to do with the defense giving him a shot, keeping teams at 13 points or less in three of the last four games. The Vikings game was an anomaly. But so is Tim Tebow’s success. You don’t have to be a huge expert to see the many things wrong with how he plays. He’s hard to take down is one of the better athletes at the position in years. It doesn’t make him, yet, a quarterback the franchise can build on for years to come.

I’m not hating on Tebow as anyone trying to point out his flaws is getting blamed for doing recently. Yes, the guy is loved as much as he’s hated, and the media seems to love him. The Christianity, Tebowing and all that. Media-wise, he’s great for the game. But when you talk actual football? I’m far from convinced I’d like him to be my quarterback.